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Teaching with Love and Logic
9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom
Low Stress Strategies for Highly Successful Educators

Program Goal: To provide educators with practical skills and techniques to experiment with that:
· Are simple and easy to learn
· Teach responsibility and character
· Change lives and lower stress levels
· Have immediate and positive effects on students and schools

Love and Logic Wish for You: That your students will look at you and think: That’s the strictest teacher I’ve ever known… and I want to be in their class!

Most Powerful Teacher:
· Has high expectations
· Sets firm limits
· Holds students accountable for their behavior
· Is very caring and kind
· Loves kids and loves teaching them

Program Teaches You How To:
· Put an end to student arguing and back-talk
· Buy yourself time by delaying the consequences
· Teach responsibility by applying consequences with empathy
· Preserve the learning environment… and your sanity… if students become disruptive and refuse to comply
· Build positive relations with challenging kids
· Set limits without having to remind, lecture or threaten
· Avoid power struggles by giving choices within limits
· Teach students how to solve their own problems

9 Essential Skills:
Module One: Neutralizing Student Arguing
Module Two: Delaying the Consequences
Module Three: Empathy
Module Four: The Recovery Process
Module Five: Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships
Module Six: Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements
Module Seven: Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles
Module Eight: 23 Quick and Easy Preventative Classroom Interventions
Module Nine: Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Own Problems

The concept of these skills is to help schools and teachers to move from system based approaches in classroom management and discipline to principles based approaches. It is designed to assist in changing school and classroom management techniques from the external forces of rules enforced by punishment and/or rewards to those built on internal forces such as character, responsibility and accountability. These are the forces that help us all to do things because they are the right things to do, thus building strength in our students from the inside out.

A tremendous asset to the Teaching with Love and Logic Program is the parallel program Parenting with Love and Logic. Putting the parent and the school on the same page when it comes to student management in and out of the classroom truly builds a community around each student. Jim and Charles Fay and Foster Cline, the developers of the Love and Logic Institute, have shown great insight into this concept by creating this parallel parenting program where school staff and parents speak the same language and use similar skills to build communication, cooperation and consistency.

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent:
Module One: Raising Responsible Kids
Module Two: The Love and Logic Formula
Module Three: “C” Stands for Control that is Shared
Module Four: “O” is for Ownership of the Problem
Module Five: “O” is Also Opportunity for Thinking
Module Six: “L” Stands for Let Empathy and Consequences do the Teaching
Module Seven: Applying the C.O.O.L. Formula

Love: allows the child to grow from their mistakes
Logic: allows the child to live the consequences of their choices