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Partial Listing of Presentations:

     Integrated Rehabilition Group
     Mill Creek Rotary Club
     Moms With Young Children - Sacred Heart Bellevue
     Brazen Realty
     City of Seattle - Facilities & Maintenance
     CXtec (Webinar)
     Egencia (part of Expedia)
     US Forest Service - Wenatchee Ranger District

     St. Brendan's - Bothell
     Holy Rosary - Tacoma
     Visitation - Tacoma
     Aki Kurose - Seattle
     Rainier Beach HS - Seattle
     Kentlake HS - Kent
     Brighton Elementary - Seattle
     Hoover Elementary Staff
     O'Dea High School Staff
     Spokane Valley HS Staff
     Holy Names Academy Staff & Students
     Forest Ridge Staff
     Highlands Elementary Staff
     Issaquah School Board
     North Mason SD Administrators
     Everett SD Administrators
     Mount Vernon HS Staff
     Moses Lake Coaching Staff
     Duncanville HS (TX) Coaching Staff
     Overlake HS Boy's Basketball
     University Prep Girl's Basketball
     Watkins Glen Coaching Staff
     Longview School Board
     St. Francis Xavier Faculty
     Watkins Glen (NY) Faculty
     Manhasset HS (NY) Coaches
     Friends Academy (NY) - Coaches/Students/Parents
     Cedarcrest HS (WA)
     Sumner SD (WA)
     Eastside Catholic Middle School
     Mercer Island HS
     Seattle Preparatory School - Coaches

     Seattle University Resident Advisors
     Seattle University Athletic Department
     Colgate University Football
     Colgate University Softball & Lacrosse
     Colgate University SAAC
     Providence College Swim Team
     Community College of Spokane Staff
     Bellevue Community College Men's Basketball
     Washington State University Women's Golf
     Washington State University Volleyball

Professional Organizations/Conferences        
     Kingco Coaches' School
     WIAA Coaches' School
     NIAAA (Anaheim)
     NIAAA (Nashville)
     NIAAA (Indianapolis)
     NACDA (Dallas)
     National Equipment Managers' Conference (Jacksonville)
     New Jersey HS AD Conference - DAANJ
     Connecticut HS AD Conference - CAAD
     Washington HS AD Conference - WSSAAA
     Idaho HS AD Conference
     Pennsylvania HS AD Conference
     Iowa HS AD Conference
     New York HS AD Conference
     Maine HS AD Conference
     Nebraska HS AD Conference
     Kentucky HS AD Conference
     Vermont Athletic Director's Conference
     Virginia Athletic Director's Conference
     Florida HS Athletic Director's Conference
     Tennessee HS Athletic Director's Conference
     South Dakota HS Athletic Director's Conference
     Colorado Athletic Director's Association