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The time spent with you was well-received, and people are referring to it often.  The superintendent followed up with principals to encourage that they keep the concepts alive with their staff.  I’ve had special ed. teachers approach me to see if they could refer to the information when reflecting learning styles in IEPs.  People are off-handedly saying “that’s the gold in me,” etc.  Having been exposed to in-depth studies through Myers Briggs, etc., I am amazed that such a short workshop could have such a powerful impact on so many.  Much of this can certainly be attributed to your engaging style, but the content is also so applicable for everyone.  I do have to say that I typically don’t promote half day workshops for professional development and stick more with a consultant model for sustainability, but True Colors definitely made an impact. 

I wish you well.



Nan Woodworth-Shaw

Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Student Services

Watkins Glen Central School District


"Tom Doyle has worked with our varsity teams and the feedback from the student-athletes was terrific!  Understanding and respecting each others personality traits are key to any successful team sport. Tom was able to provide guidance in a professional, fun and informative way to our student-athletes.  Our student-athletes were talking about Tom's presentation throughout the academic year and beyond.  We highly recommend Tom to present True Colors to colleges and universities."

Victoria Chun '91 MA '94
Interim Director of Athletics 


I had a basketball parent night last night...I used much of your material.  After the meeting the parents were very thankful to me for being so open and direct about their role.  I think this will be a standard for all my teams.      
Jeff Maidment, CAA


I really want you to come to Edgemont on Aug. 25 - my first day with my new staff.  The day you came to Stahl (MS) was so special that I want my Edgemont staff to have that similar experience.  I am excited to bring you to Edgemont.  Thanks so much for all you do for kids - you are making a difference!

John Bustad
Edgemont Middle School
Puyallup School District (WA)


I’m just writing a brief note to thank you for the very valuable “True Colors – Keys to Personal Success” webinar.  I lead a team of (6) very high performing Product Managers who each run “their” business a bit differently.  At the end of the day, what matters most is that we come across as one cohesive unit, with the same set of goals and objectives, to our internal (sales) and external (End Users) customers.

In just 90 minutes, you helped each team member clearly identify their “color” and used witty life lessons, coupled with course tidbits to explain the fundamentals of personality types and the need to recognize and adjust to improve communication (or, as you call it, “fade a shade”).

Since the webinar, I’ve been involved with several actual business discussions with my teammates where they’ve referenced things like “that’s the Gold in me” or “I shouldn’t say it like that to a Blue”.  

Your session was well worth the time and I would highly recommend it to any team or business unit interested in increasing their effective communication and performance.  It’s a great foundation and a set of very useful leadership tools.



Frank Kobuszewski 
VP of Technology Solutions Group

Using the True Colors exercises has been invaluable to my staff, my department, and my university. In Housing and Residence Life, we seek to build community from scratch every year. By having our staff go through the True Colors exercises they are able to better understand each other and use that understanding of each other to build a cohesive community amongst themselves. This community then spreads and becomes the seeds for the other successful communities that we build.

Individual staff members in our department use True Colors on a regular basis. Our professional staff used True Colors as they help their staff members develop in their roles as Resident Assistants. Meanwhile, our para-professional staff members utilize their knowledge of their colors to help them in their programming efforts. They have been able to develop and offer programs for all members of their community because they now have knowledge of what each individual Color may be looking for in a program or activity. There has been a very noticeable difference in the quality of our programs and services since we have started using Personal Perceptions Northwest and the True Colors exercises. I would recommend that every business, department, school, team, organization, etc. go through a True Colors workshop. The workshops are truly beneficial and will go a long way to helping individuals of the organization understand each other and learn to utilize everyone's strengths.


Romando A. Nash
Director, Residential Learning Communities
Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life
Seattle University

I really believe that your True Colors presentation opened up a lot of eyes on how different people respond in different situations and was very beneficial for us throughout the remainder of our season.

Jeremy Eggers
Bellevue Community College Men's Basketball


True Colors is great! I went through the training as a college student, and going through it again (now as a High School ASB advisor) with my students only enriched my experience. It helped me understand the personalities I would be working with, how to deal with them, and also demonstrated how I could build on thief strengths as student leaders while developing the rest of their character. The students are not only more comfortable with themselves, but able to work more effectively in a group because they understand who they are surrounded with, along with knowing the most effective ways to work with them. Understanding True Colors has make my job as an ASB advisor easier because of my newfound understanding of my officers' personality traits. It has also made my dealings with other staff go more effectively based on my understanding about their personality types. Thank you for helping me do this!

Libby Goeres
ASB Advisor, English Teacher
Elma (WA) High School


If you want your school or business to go through real change or develop a process to deal with the stressors brought about by state and federal reform efforts, schedule a Personal Perceptions Northwest workshop with Joe and Lorinda Richer to teach your staff the concepts of True Colors. This workshop changed the entire environment/culture of both schools that I facilitate in Spokane, Washington. Each school has a philosophical foundation of relationships and communication as their core value. Having staff, students, and parents trained allowed us to truly communicate using a common language that could positively explain behaviors, attitudes, and misperceptions in staff meetings, district meetings, parent-teacher conferences, peer conflicts, staff conflicts, and a number of other situations.

True Colors gave my schools and our parent community the ability to understand the characteristics of their own personality and the profiles of others. Each person gained a deep understanding of the complexities of themselves and individuals they interact with on a daily basis. Immediately after this training you will be able to identify specific personality traits that individuals possess, appreciate your own uniqueness, and how to make our differences the strength of the organization.

There is not a day that goes by in which I don't use the skills I learned in the training with Joe and Lorinda. These skills are used in both my personal and professional life. During the training your staff will laugh, ponder, and have "aha" moments. It is hard to describe in words how wonderful the program is; all I can do is highly recommend everyone experience it for themselves.

Larry S. Bush
Spokane (WA) Valley High School


Just wanted you to know that our staff inservice in August on True Colors was not only the most fun we have had as a staff but in all fairness quite possibly the most productive. As you know when I contacted you about this inservice, one of our biggest issues as a staff was poor communication and a lack of understanding about each other.

Your entertaining( we laughed and it felt good) presentation cut to the core of our problem as a staff as were very conflicted about dealing with our differences in an understanding and constructive way. Over the years our differences seemed to polarize us as we continually circled up the wagons, took sides, and pointed the finger at each other, trust at an all time low. You brought back to us a sense of purpose in good communication and helped us to understand how we treat each other based on our colors.

The follow up you did with our staff helped set the tone for continued improvement communicating with each other as a staff and also our students. We now have staff coloring up their students for better understanding and communication. I am begging my administration to send one of us to the National True Colors training so we can continue to grow as a staff and have an in building/district True Colors presenter who can continue staff development at faculty meetings and staff inservice.

Your presentation helped us to see each other in a more productive, professional light where we understand and treat each other with the dignity and respect we deserve to make our learning environment the best it can be. I would recommend this training to all school and business personnel. Our building dynamics before and after this presentation are a wonderful example of the value and understanding of good communications.

Thank You.

Dave Tikker
Athletic Director/Counselor
Mead Middle School
(Spokane, WA)


Personal Perceptions Northwest provided exceptional training on the True Colors system to your high school teachers and administrators. They also conducted large and small group training sessions for all 1,050 students enrolled at our high school at the time. We knew that we need to become more knowledgeable and self-sufficient for training incoming students on the system; therefore, collaborated with Personal Perceptions Northwest to implement a train-the-trainer model.

A handful of teachers attended additional training sessions and became our in-house trainers for new teachers and new students. Personal Perceptions Northwest assisted our teacher leaders with sample lessons, instructional materials, and posters. More importantly, they modeled lesson delivery for our teachers. our teacher leaders became experts on the system and not only conducted True Color training sessions at the high school, they also provided training for other schools in our district.

When the True Colors program was implemented at the high school, our goal was to improve school climate. We did just that. True Colors provided a framework for having meaningful conversations with students. On a daily basis, I heard teachers help students understand their communications style and vice versa. It was a valuable framework for having crucial conversations with students who, for whatever reason, had exhibited inappropriate behavior. It also helped our staff learn to understand one another as we worked together on a variety of school improvement goals.

I highly recommend Personal Perceptions Northwest and use of the True Colors system. It has provided a valuable framework for improving adult-to-adult and adult-to-student communication in our schools.


Debra J. Clemens, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Cheney Public Schools
520 4th St.
Cheney, WA 99004