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PPNW consists of four partners, three former high school athletic directors and an oyster farmer.  The five partners began applying True Colors specifically to all those involved in the athletic experience:  the Coaches, Athletes, Parents, and Athletic Directors. 


Their work strengthens the athletic triangle, that critical relationship between the Athlete, the Parents, and the Coach.  Everyone can benefit from their exciting discoveries.  Today, when over 70% of our kids participating in sports quit by the age of 13 because they are not having fun, we need to re-examine why we want our kids playing sports.  When our college and professional role models are caught on tape or on live TV harassing each other and, at times, coming to blows during the heat of a contest, we need to take pro-active action to teach our kids the real, positive lessons of sport.  When our athlete's parents charge out onto the field during a contest, scream obscenities at our kids on the fields, or fight with each other in the stands, we need to take action today and work on changing one parent at a time! 


True Colors uses the metaphor of Colors to represent the four different personality types.  Click on each Color to see a sample of how that helps us understand each other better and communicate more effectively!

Orange, Blue, Green, Gold.