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True Colors offers a research-based approach to understanding human behavior and motivation. True Colors uses a metaphor of colors (gold, orange, blue, and green) to identify four distinct perspectives and personalities. Once you begin to incorporate these concepts into daily language and experience, you are able to recognize and appreciate diversity and your own unique strengths and preferences, as well as those of people at work and at home. Differences in human behavior patterns create natural obstacles to clear interpersonal communication blocking effective interaction between individuals of different personality types. True Colors provides a clear, fundamental and universal way of translating complicated individual perspectives to help overcome the barriers to progress. This understanding improves collaboration, provides a way to strategize and organize work teams, helps increase individual and team productivity and recognition, and provides a way for decision-makers to utilize personality type in day-to-day management decisions.

True Colors provides a non-judgmental language base to enable one to communicate more freely and to appreciate the uniqueness in everyone.

Over the last 26 years, thousands of individuals have experienced the True Colors process, which is widely used in the United States, Canada, Latin America the United Kingdom and parts of Asia and is available in multiple languages. True Colors is used in schools, businesses, corporations, government and nonprofit organizations, and in people’s personal, family and social interactions.
True Colors is an international organization, based in California, that trains thousands and thousands of people annually.  Many large business and organizations have used True Colors over the years including Boeing, Microsoft, Disney, US Air Force, and many, many more.  If you would like to find out more about the parent organization, go to