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What They Are Saying?

Check out an article written by a Mercer Island High School Sophomore in the local newspaper, The Mercer Island Reporter, about her swim team's experience of True Colors at: Mercer Island Reporter

Athletic Directors (Parent Presentations):

  • Tom was excellent.  A solid message.
  • This needs to be a site on the DAANJ website that provides information regarding this topic.
  • Great use of Power Point to convey the message.  It's a shame more ADs could not attend this awesome presentation.
  • Good ideas; outstanding presentation.
  • Times have changed and Tom's presentation revealed several concerns with parents and coaches.
  • Tom was very good; I would like for him to speak to my parents.
  • Good information; I purchased his book!
  • He puts his heart into it; many of his tips can be used in my program.

Church Volunteers:

  • "Very down-to-earth and easy to understand. Very informative."
  • "Very well structured and organized. It was fun and very informative and enlightening."
  • "This program was amazing! I honestly think that it will help our program volunteers work better together. Thank you loads!"
  • "I really liked the explanation and the small group activites. Being able to se the different types and descriptions visually helped me to understand it better."


  • "A fun session - Thank you!  I learned some things about myself and others.  Also, it will help me understand some behavior issues at practice."
  • Well done!  Knowing my athlete's True Colors will help.  But, I am going to use this in my classroom as well."
  • Very intersting - I need to ponder this.  I'm a Gold who is married to a Green, raising a Blue, an Orange, and an unkown at this time!"
  • "I thought about my players. I could start seeing what Color they are."
  • "This was a great 'kicker' to start off the fall sports season."
  • "Excellent. Much more than I expected. I learned a great amount."
  • "Awesome and eye-opening Learning" Wow! I really enjoyed everything I learned about True Colors."
  • "Next year, make it longer. Thanks for making us smile and laugh. The learning was enjoyable."
  • "A new and vital view of learning styles and coaching."
  • "Engaging. Inspired reflection!"
  • "This will do a lot to help me in my teaching - not just coaching. Seriously, encourage our spouses to attend!"
  • "Excellent information - real language I can use in my life (family, teaching, coaching)."
    "Thanks for all the useful ideas."
  • "It was great learning how to be more aware of our players' different personality needs. I am excited to try to see how well I pay attention to them this year."
  • "I loved it. I wish I had taken it last spring."


High School Students:

  • "I really enjoyed focusing on my 'least color' personality. Felt like I was learning more about the group. Thanks."
  • "I love this program. It is much easier to use on a daily basis than Myers-Briggs."
  • "Program was well planned. It presented an inclusive, non-discriminatory approach to personality differences and was usefully informative."
  • "I learned quite a bit about human interaction and how to work and deal well with others."
  • "This program served as a great tool for us to become award of each other's personality and how we can apply it to our mission and goals this year."
  • "Great. It was fun and we had a good time expanding upon our current perspectives about others."
  • "This was a really encouraging and inspiring and motivating presentation. I wish everyone could be presented this information."
  • "Your energy really kept me interested the whole time. I really think I can use this information this year."


Junior High Students: 

  • It was really fun!
  • I liked this program very much. I liked the mind tricks and games.
  • I think it really helped me know more about myself and ho others feel about me. When we shared which color we are with our friends and classmates, we go to know more about what kind of person they were.
  • I really like the program because it showed me who I was.
  • At first I wasn't very interested, but as it got farther into the program, I became very interested. It is a great way to describe feelings and attitudes.
  • My overall reaction to this program was "COOL". I finally found who I really am and the Color I am.
  • I definitely liked it. It definitely raised the bar for the next retreat.
  • It was interesting to learn about the Colors. The whole program was fun.
  • I found out a lot about myself. I didn't know that I came across to some as fun and others as annoying.
  • It was a lot better than I expected it to be. The True Colors were actually really true.
    It was fun for the most part. I felt like the True Colors course was very accurate for me.
  • I really liked it. It was cool finding out what color you are.
  • My overall reaction was satisfied and amazed. I was satisfied with what I learned from the presentation; I am also amazed because I learned new things about people's personalities.
  • It started off slow and then got better and we left too soon.
  • I was surprised how much I learned about myself - and it was lots of fun.
  • I enjoyed the program and though it presented a unique learning experience. I now feel more comfortable dealing with myself and others.



  • "This made us closer by knowing how to get along with others. There is a lot of value to the Colors."
  • "This system brought us closer together as a team and helped us to learn about each other's differences. Issues within our team were so much easier to deal with because we knew where one another was coming from."
  • "Not only was it a good bonding experience, but it was also the only time we ever actually sat down and learned about each other."
  • "It helped me relate to not only my team better, but to understand myself and how I become frustrated much easier with certain things and people."
  • "I think it helped all the girls try to understand that we have different ways of doing things and not to get angry at each other. When we got upset with each other, we would say something about our Colors and that would help us through the situation."
  • "It gave the team something that we could use to help each other when we weren't doing our best."
  • "It made me understand that other people have different "hot buttons" and how to get along better."

College Athletes:

  • It was really good. It helped me understand where my teammates are coming from.
    This was a great experience. It helped me realize how different people think and look at things differently. 
  • I thought it was very insightful and helped us understand where everyone else was coming from.
  • I now understand why we do what we do!
  • I love it!! It was right on!
  • I was surprised on how much True Colors directly relates to our team! Great job. I appreciate it.
  • Very informative. Good energy. Interesting activities.
  • This was actually a very unique presentation. I learned more than I could handle. Very good presentation.
  • I thought it was great team bonding.
  • I think it will really help us understand each other better and hopefully be able to work together better.
  • Opened my eyes and I learned about my teammates.
  • Very well presented and a fun activity.

Athletic Boards:

  • The relevance to sport was well explained.
  • Valuable planning and understanding tool. Simple to follow and enlightening.
    Very interesting and revealing.
  • Extremely useful exercise - it was very important that the exercise was focused on sport development & effects of "colors" on our sport.
  • Understanding people is key to success. Good small group work and lecture balance.
    Awesome; should be taught in Business Schools, as part of organizational behavior component. I would add this program as part of a hiring process in my future business endeavors.
  • I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about group members with a direction to improved operations.