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Are you satisfied with the communication in your business, your school, or on your team? 
Personal Perceptions Northwest (PPNW) can help your "team" to communicate more effectively and to understand what the core values are for your employees, your team, or your community.  With this new understanding, you can learn what motivates each of the personality styles in your organization.  Don Lowry created a tool called, True Colors, built on the Meyers-Briggs Personality tool (MBTI), but made much simpler so it can be used on a daily basis.  This exciting temperament tool helps us all to understand those with whom we work, play, and live.  PPNW will come to your site and work with you to develop a seminar that fits your needs. 



  • True Coaching
  • Parent Night Presentations - Sportsmanship
  • True Colors Basic Awareness Seminars
  • Sportsmanship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teaching & Learning Styles
  • True Communication
  • True Parenting
  • Teambuilding
  • and more...


Other Presentations: 


Athletic Program Evaluation - Formal or informal evaluations of High School and Middle School Athletic Programs    

Parent Night Speakers and Programs  - for High School and Middle School Athletics -

  • Sportsmanship, 
  • Role of Parents, 
  • Communicating among the Athletic Triangle - Parents - Athletes - Coaches
  • School and Club Programs
    • Sportsmanship
    • Team Building
    • Evaluating Coaches
    • Self-Image
    • Building Character


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